I want to first say thank you for the emails, phone calls, blog comments, texts, etc. We feel loved during this time.

We are meeting with two doctors this week, one tomorrow and one on Tuesday (maybe a third, depending on them).

The weekend was good I think. I didn’t have class on Friday (which means I also forgot Caroline had school… so, she didn’t go), and while Caroline was not interested in the Good Friday Service at church (Julia had already made it clear she was going to bed) she and Rachel still went to Serendipity for Ice Cream. While they were gone I read and smoked a CAO Brazilian (Maduro wrapper) cigar. The significance is that earlier in the week I didn’t want anything: to drink, to watch, to do, to buy, to smoke, etc. I have heard people say that when you are struggling lesser affections fade. I thin kthat that is true, depending on your definition of struggle.

My mom said that we were all waiting to hear that everything was fine after the CAT scan. Then, when it wasn’t we have all had to re-orient ourselves. I think Rachel and I have been re-orienting (successfully) over the past few days. You are welcome to ask questions on the blog also. I have learnedthat I don’t explain the medical aspect that well (maybe becuase I don’t get it that well, hence the new rule: Rachel goes to all Doctor’s appt’s from now on), so I have left out much technical jargon. I will still try to answer any questions people have. I don’t know if the information will make you feel better, but you are welcome to it.

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