Stolen Blog

Now that I have titled the blog, “Stolen Blog” I want to write about why and how and when my wife is suddenly tempted to steal things. I will not for 3 reasons: 1. She has not stolen anything (yet??????!!!!!!!!!) 2. you should ask her because it is hilarious. 3. Three seems like a better number than two.

So, apparently many of you are reading the blog (I can’t get my brain around what is wrong with that sentence… something).

A few days ago I wrote on our church’s blog ( and I wanted to be sure I spread it everywhere since the overlap is not 100%. It is mainly a story, but has much to do with the cancer, and this season of our life. Here it is:

I was talking to my mom last week, and she told me that the woman who works for her – after finding out that I was sick – asked her, “Well, what does he think of his faith now?” (PS – if you weren’t in church or don’t go to church you can email me through our church website and I can explain my sickness).

This Space is in honor of her tact: __________________ .

To hear my mom tell the story it sounds like she sat the woman down and told her about Jesus. I mean, it kind of sounded like a come-to-Jesus meeting in lots of ways. So awkward! I mean, I know people that like to say provocative things and then sort of back off. But, when it is your employer (its my mom’s company too… she’s not just the boss), and she says, “No, you asked so I’m gonna tell you!” you have to sit there.

Mom said it was the most she had talked about Jesus in years. Seems like a good thing.

What I told Mom was that she could tell __________ that I am happy that my worldview provides good answers to the difficult questions we are faced with (both before and now). Now, that can sound silly in some ways, or like I’m dodging, but I mean it. Christianity does not offer pat or trite answers. But, it offers robust, thick answers to the questions we have. Sometimes the Bible will re-orient us to another question, that the Bible implies is a better question. Sometimes the answers suck. Such as when some of our “suffering” is caused by us, or by dead relatives we can’t yell at. Other times it is frustrating because we are forced to realize that the dominant culture has us thinking we can actually eliminate many kinds of suffering – some through mere distraction, and other kids (like sickness) through medicine.

I am still happy that the Bible answers my questions. Through the Bible I expect people to have darkness in them. So, I am less surprised by suicide, divorce, squabbles over money. Through the Bible I do not expect to not suffer because of my faith. Through the Bible I believe there is hope of redemption (which is really the hardest one to believe isn’t it?). I mean, ultimately we are not expecting answers to everything, I think we just struggle to have actual hope. It would be easy for me to write something trite about the resurrection. I do believe that it indicates the power behind true hope. But, I try not to be trite, I really do…

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