I wish we had more to say, and apologize to those of you who read so faithfully.

Rachel asked me today if we actually knew where the surgery was on Monday… I realized we don’t. Its not because we don’t care, its just that you become very out of energy through all of this discussion, blood tests, etc.

All that to say – for those of you who pray, we go in very early on Monday. For those of you who desire more information on the Retro-Peritoneal Lymph Node Dissection – ask Rachel to blog and she will answer all of your questions. I should be out of the hospital by Tuesday, should be on my feet Monday afternoon, and back at everything in two weeks.

If you REALLY want to do something you can buy me a cigar. Robert left two on my porch on Monday night.

Thank you – seriously – for your thoughts, letters, prayers and general affection we have felt deeply loved throughout this process!

Rachel objects to my desire for cigars. She said, “Um… You have cancer, don’t tell people to buy you cigars…” My thought is that I have to give them up if I have Chemo, so in the meantime… bring em!

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