Mad Men

So, I am home (Matt writing) and I am getting better every few hours, but am still amazed that the most uncomfortable part is probably the gas in my shoulders. As Rachel said the surgery came and went, and we got bad news again. Everyone was sad yesterday except Julia – nothing really makes her sad except being hit in the head with sticks by her sister. Rachel and I have talked about it several times already because chances were pretty high that this is what would happen (that we would do surgery and still have to have Chemo), but when you’re given an inch of hope you hold it I guess.

Now, as I re-read the last paragraph I don’t want to surprise anyone. The news is simply that the tumors had grown, and so the doctor cleaned out the left side lymph nodes which are close to my kidney. There is still a chance he got all of the cancer, but there are basic guidelines of how to treat cancer, and I had enough that it is unlikely that we won’t have to do chemo in a few weeks. I know that I don’t communicate as well as Rachel. Bottom Line: cancer was still bigger when they took it out (relative to CT scan), so I will probably have a few rounds of Chemo this summer.

I manipulated my way home before noon (they made a list of things that had to happen, and I made them happen), the girls are doing well. Caroline just came in from playing in the yard and is refusing to watch the new movies grandma brought her – she wants Cars. Julia is happy, she has added “mama” and “Yum yum” to her spoken vocabulary. I’m trying to study, and relax my lower back.

Tonight, thanks to Casey’s IPOD, we will watch the second season of Mad Men (some of it anyway). Thank you again for the food, thoughts, prayers, anger on our behalf, and tears. We will keep you posted when we meet with our oncologist, it will be a few weeks before the pathology report comes back and they won’t want to start the Chemo until it has been at least 3-4 weeks since surgery.

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