June Plans

So, I was talking with a friend and mom was here, and I mentioned the probability that I would have chemo… Mom corrected me, “You’re having chemo.”

She is right. At the point of conversation we were waiting on some information – which we now have – but she was right anyway.

I can get technical if you want (and you don’t, because I always confuse folks), and I can explain the movement of the disease from the beginning (February really… although no real diagnosis until April). But, what you want to know is, “What now?” Well, because of the amount of cancer they found they want to do Chemotherapy beginning June 1st. Tests will be run between now and then, we still covet your prayers between now and then, but that is the bottom line. After June we will know how much, but the therapy will begin then.

So many of you have offered help. Please hear me that we will ask, and that we appreciate so much that you have offered. It is hard to get more babysitters for the girls because they like babysitters even less (which is amazing) these days, and in many ways we have to figure out ways for people to actually help. So, thank you. What we hear when you offer help is, “We love you and want you to know it.” Well, we do! I don’t think we could be much more encouraged by all of the food, notes, phone calls, etc.

In other news, Caroline has packed all of her underwear into an easter basket. Julia couldn’t be more pleasant. I (Matt) kicked the pain pills today because the side effects were more annoying than the pain. I start finals tomorrow, and could use prayer that I will stop doing the math on potential flunking (0% chance in all classes) and actually study!

How are we processing all of this? I don’t know that we know any better than you do how to process it. The cancer is still 99% treatable/curable/killable – and Chemotherapy was always the most reliable way you just try to do the surgery before it becomes necessary. Only God (seriously… and we have some good doctors) knows when we would have had to have had surgery to accomplish that (what a great sentence!). Thanks again for all your thoughts, you can still ask questions, we appreciate the continued prayers, and we will ask for help when we realize what we need it with!

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