It is interesting what time does.

I think we all simply feel better today.

We went on a walk yesterday, something clicked internally and I could start taking deep breaths at about 8 PM last night, and this morning I woke up with my pain almost totally gone and the tightness of abdomen surgery down at least 50%. This is what we were told would happen, but it was still nice. Mom left me a nice beverage that I tried – it was delicious, thanks mom.

We won’t know how much Chemo until we get the test results back (tests are in late May), but we know it is out there and the reality is just easier to take after a few days I guess.

A good friend wrote and said he hoped I was not losing hope in my faith or in my healing. I am not. We are not. I firmly believe the Bible doesn’t offer me a straight-forward explanation/purpose/meaning to sickness. After that I am filled with hope for what this will accomplish in our lives as we move through it. And, I am still fully convinced that by the end of the summer I will be cancer free.

Mom and I were getting a little edgey with one another and she kept offering explanations. I then offered that we might both be put off by me having cancer. So, she said I should stop having it. And I plan to, it will just be a few weeks. In the meantime we will keep loving our girls, I will continue in Seminary (they have been great by the way… literally offering me help in any number of ways and not waiting for me to ask or remind them I am sick), etc.

Caroline has about 20 stickers stuck to her self right now (bandaids), and all of the girls are in the front yard while i “study” (or blog). Hope you also have a nice Saturday, thanks again for the support, thoughts, prayers, etc.

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