The _______________ of Strangers

So, I was in Clayton today – which is a different part of STL, but where I meet with some guys to have coffee every couple of weeks. After studying for awhile I wandered into downtown Clayton in search of lunch. I found a Gellateria (sp?), and thought, “There’s a snowballs chance in %^&* and I’ll take it…” Meaning: I knew I couldn’t have one, but I thought I would ask. I think I blogged about the diet, if not we can discuss it later. Well the short of it is that I could have had some kind of ice with raspberry, and the long of it is that I ended up having to tell the lady I have cancer. Her Fiance is a “T. Cancer survivor”. I now know 3 in STL. Statistically that means I know 22-25% of the STL Metro Population who has had/has T. Cancer. She was also very nice. I think it is easier for strangers to know what to say.

When ordering my sandwich about 4 doors down the guy basically asked why I was being so careful, so I told him. He kept calling me sir, but other than that I really appreciated his sentiments.

I really don’t have too much to complain about in regards to people saying dumb stuff or weird stuff, but it struck me as funny how relatively easy it was for strangers to just say they were sorry. I’ll probably figure out what I think people should REALLY say in 10 years when I’m done thinking about it, but Mom says it is, “I’m so sorry for your loss.” Of course, Mom hasn’t re-exegeted my scenario. The other funny thing was that the Sandwich guy remarked that I seemed in good spirits. That is my dad’s bottom line; the somewhat innocuous, “But, he seemed in good spirits…” I feel like it means, coloquially, “His life sucks, but he seems okay… ” Or, “Such is life, but he has moved on well…” Never mind.

This is a good week. As soon as I finish writing this I will be 80% done with this Semester and 75% done with Finals. And Rachel swore I could see Star Trek after I finish… So, I’ve got that going for me. Which is nice. Hope you’re having a pleasant Tuesday.

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