My friend Tom

Sometimes I look back on times in my life and wonder if they are more or less important that other times. I was in a fraternity in college – Sigma Phi Epsilon. One of my pledge brothers, Robert Thomas Gunning the III (I will explain later – if you want – why I know all of their middle names), just sent me two photos that he framed. I took them our freshman year of college – one of our house when it was snowing and the lights were blurry in the snow, and one of the Columns on the Univ. of Missouri’s Red Campus. This is not my pic – mine is better, it is at a fun angle, next time you’re at my house I’ll show it to you (with the picture of a snowy 405 S. Kentucky).

All this to say it has been a nice week. Saturday was good. I feel progressively better. I am cheating more and more in the amount I pick up my beautiful daughters.

We have realized there is some mystique with Chemotherapy that will go away when we simply do it. I talked at length with an older friend who went through it a few years ago. Meetings and appointments begin on Thursday, and continue until Chemo starts on June 1st. I hope you’re well and also had a good weekend and Lord’s Day. Thank you for the cigars (5 and counting – thanks Zach, Walker, and Robert), the phone calls, the emails, the prayers, the prayer emails, the food (non stop for two weeks… we are still eating it), and for being in our lives before this happened – so that we could more easily rely on you while it is happening.


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