2 – sided Blog

So, first I will update everyone.

We met with the oncologist yesterday.  I also had blood work done.  I am tired of blood work for two reasons: one, they stick you with a needle (Sorry Sweeney…  )  and two, it has yet to tell us anything as far as I understand it.  
2 Rounds of Chemotherapy, beginning this Monday (June 1st).  14 Times in the hospital – two intense weeks (this coming week, and then again in four weeks), and four non-intense weeks where I only go in once/week for about two hours.  The kind of Chemo I will be receiving is BEP, just if you feel like looking it up.  I’m not sure if that makes sense (Somebody make my wife blog…).  This next week I will be up there for 8-9 hours, M-F.  The two weeks after that it is just one day/week for two hours.  Then we start over again on June 21st: intense week, followed by two non-intense weeks.
The reason we are getting Chemo is that my cancer is a germ-cell, and while they will probably be unable to locate it in my body (that scan is tomorrow…  damn Contrast tastes like REALLY crappy Sunny Delight) after the surgery, because of the amount they found in the surgery it is nationally recommended that I receive some Chemo.  If the cancer were to come back I would have to have at least 3 rounds (9 weeks, instead of 6), so, we’re going to reduce to almost nothing the chance it will come back.  This is one of the types of cancer that, once you know what it is, you know how to kill it.  We tried surgery, and it “worked”, but now we need to make sure it won’t come back.  
I will lose my hair (apparently some people don’t, but the “b” makes it very likely).  I will probably feel lethargic and relatively nauseous.  I was THRILLED that I am not only allowed, but supposed to exercise – so I’m hoping to play ball on Monday night.  I will be next to worthless from beyond the arc but am still excited.  The fellow-Doctor said not to play hockey, but b-ball is okay!
The oncologist asked me (with Rachel in the room) to not impregnate “anyone” while undergoing Chemo.  It was a mixture of funny and awkward!
Part two of Blog.  This week two friends emailed and said that email (and the blog) are unacceptable to them as friends.  The point was: we need to hear your voice and talk to you – even if it is just for five minutes.  
I know that we have shut out a number of people – family included to some degree.  I want to ask your forgiveness if we have hurt you.  Rachel and I don’t claim to know how to walk through this, and we’re just taking steps.  I’m not necessarily apologizing, because I know all of you want us to be healthy.  At the same time, if you’re in this boat – please call.  Seriously, it was funny how much it meant to me for people to say that – even as I thought one of them was somewhat off base in their request.  It means a lot, I have been in your shoes, etc.  So, if we have hurt you and you want to talk with one of us, go ahead and give us a call or tell us in email you would really like to talk (definitely have two family members that left messages last week) and we’ll make time.  
Next week will begin some new craziness, but we’re excited that in 7 weeks we will (most likely, roughly 1/2 of 1% chance of recurrence, which we would then kill) be cancer free.  
As always, ask questions, comment about whatever…  

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