Mystique killed: Day One

So, I am sitting in the Chemo Room.  The schedule says I have a private room the other four days of this week.  

My thought is that since so many of you check the blog, and I will be sitting here a lot – I should update the blog a lot.  
I am currently being hydrated – which takes two hours.  Getting some magnesium to go with the saline.  About 20 minutes ago they infused me with a steroid which helps nausea, helps the Chemo to work, and hopefully it will make me springey tonight at my basketball game (Doctor Joel would call it “feeling froggy”).  Also got some Kytril (like Zophran), have Emend if I want it (and some compazine).  Those are all for nausea.  The nurse said it would be a good week to do some Spring Cleaning because I will likely have some trouble sleeping with the steroid…  Except for tomorrow when they will be giving me Benadryl.  
Anyway, we are here (Rachel is here).  I could also tell you about my clinical trial of other stuff (and the journal they gave me.  I’m going to draw a horse on it, with a sword, to guard my hopes and dreams…  That is a Scrubs reference), but I will cut the blog short.
In some ways we are excited that in 6 weeks we will be done with Cancer Treatment.  We are certainly still nervous about today.  The Chemo I will get, once the hydrating is over, will probably make me pretty nauseous (getting the “E” and the “P” of BEP, the “P” (Cisplatin) is the one that makes many nauseous).  I am excited that I’m not getting a port.  I’m excited to hang out with the girls today.  I am excited to try and play basketball.  Feel free to email today as I will be sitting until around 4:00 PM.

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