So, let’s clear some things up about the librarian. Did she charge me: no. Was she helpful: yes. But, did she think (I suppose based upon the twinkle in my eye) that I had a good excuse for not returning the book: no. That’s it.

So, I haven’t been blogging because I don’t feel good. And, because I have started taking my summer class. It is all I can do to sit there. I don’t even multi-task (huge for me), I just listen, take some notes, leave periodically, come back, and then go home and nap.
I thought the “B” wouldn’t be a big deal because it just takes 10 minutes to give it to me, because the side effects seems like they are either crazy or not a big deal (so I was gambling on “not a big deal”). The “B” still sucks. You don’t want details!
I do have a small appetite. My sleep has been improving a little. I have given up all the details of the things I do for the church – and my teams have been great about it, especially the Art Team. There are a lot of details to making an Art Gallery happen and my team is amazing. Now, I just hope people show up and buy art. I have given the point person the freedom to use the “Chemo Card” to keep artists in line. I believe she has pulled it out once with great effect.
Some stats:
Weeks finished: 2
Weeks remaining: 4
Treatments finished: 6
Treatments remaining: 8
My Fairy Name according to Caroline: Silver Mist (lately Terrence, but usually Silver Mist, the most effeminate Fairy). Julia is usually Vidia (the evil one), and Rachel is usually Raini but Rachel gets to be most of the Fairies. Caroline is usually Tinkerbell.
My shooting percentage on Monday Night (Basketball… wasn’t sure I should play, but they say exercise helps): 100%, 2-2, one 3, one lay up. We won. 2-0 with Cancer-Blazer. 0-3 without him.
GPA Last Semester: 3.32
GPA every other Semester put together: 3.31
Professors Suspected of giving “Cancer A’s”: 2 (one highly)
Number of people at the Seminary who would bend over backwards to make my life easier: every staff person I come into contact with. Literally, every one.
That’s all i got. Thanks for reading. If you’re praying thanks even more for praying. If you’re forgiving me for not calling you back – thanks for that too.

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