One of my friends shaved his head. Partly for solidarity, and partly because his head looks good that way. He said we could call him Bruce. Is it true that a producer just saw him in a bar and hired him for Moonlighting?

I will ask Cha Cha.
So, my hair is falling out. Its weird. But, it is part of the process. Chemo kills all cells which make new cells quickly. Mom will give you every adverb and adjective you want to hear about how the Chemo is getting EVERY cell.
Today at 4:00 I am 50% finished with Chemo. This is a non-intense week, week 3 total, treatment number 7, and ‘B’ treatment 3. Next week is the last intense week (of 2) of Chemo. It seems less scary, just necessary and there.
Simpler prayers make more sense to me. I pray the LORD’s prayer more than I used to. I am thankful to the answers I received before this. I lean on them, and do not feel like revisiting them now. Maybe in 2010. I have a book on suffering on my shelf. It is still interesting to me as an idea, but I am not picking it up right now.
Church is a funny place for me. I struggle to walk people through my own weakness. When they do a double take and ask, with great feeling, “How are you doing?” I struggle to know how to respond. I don’t think it is bad that they ask, I don’t think it is bad that I have found out I am incapable of saying “Fine.” It is just hard.
Of course last Sunday I couldn’t go because my face was covered with Poison Ivy. BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT I NEEDED, we didn’t have anything else going on so how about some poison ivy… It seems funny to me now (since it is mainly not itching anymore; thanks Prednizone).
Anyway, that’s my update for today. Have a good Tuesday.

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