Batman: Object of Wrath

This morning I came into the kitchen and Batman had turned over the trash can. He used to do this a lot, until we got an un-tip-overable trash can… well, we have moved that to the basement, and I cooked us some trout last night (with a brown sugar glaze… it was good Rachel made bread and pasta to go with it). So, he was looking for the remnants of the trout.

I hit him. In the shoulder. Because he was nudging me, asking for food as I was picking up the 40 pieces of tin foil he had shredded looking for some trout.
It is the second time I have hit the cat.
Rachel is so gracious. She is glad I don’t hit people. Really, she is just willing to separate Batman and I for awhile if need be… I think I could grow up and not hit this strange little animal who happens to live in our house (cats aren’t pets, they are just animals we like). But this morning, first day of intense Chemotherapy, I probably don’t have time to make the fried egg sandwich I have been dreaming about… and there is this cat. So I hit him.
Oh well. I will let him sit on me later (he seems to still want to cuddle anyway later).
Today is going fine. I can feel the Chemo coming in (saline flush begins in 30 minutes). This will be a difficult week, and then it will be over. Rachel was encouraging me not to make big resolutions (forcing myself to eat, etc.) and I think she is wise. So, we’re just going to get through the week.
If you’re bored at work I preached yesterday. I think I said what I was trying to say. And, Chemo makes others things less stressful so I wasn’t going crazy trying to make it perfect. I couldn’t fit cancer into the “Blessed are the meek” part of the sermon, but I thought it fit easily into the, “for they shall inherit the Earth” part.
Thank you for your prayers and thoughts and phone calls. This week will be hard. We will call if we need things. If you see an animal tied to a stake in front of our house with a “free” sign, call Rachel and asked if she authorized it. If you need direction for prayer… please pray that the hours would go quickly.

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