i have been thinking about writing some things for a while now… not anything profound, really. as we continue living & moving through this strange messy time, i am looking ahead to 1 year, 5 years and 10 years from now. how will i be different because of what we are experiencing now? how will i respond in 6 months when someone i love is going through a similar process? what would i do differently if i could have known the whole story from start to finish?

i don’t know.
i know a few things:
1. i married an incredible man. he is just really brave & honest about his cancer and what it is like to go through chemotherapy. he continues to love me well and encourage me as his wife and as a parent. he seeks time with each of our daughters to play and read and snuggle. i think caroline may remember this time when daddy had no hair and went to the doctor a lot, but it will not be an oppressive or troubling memory for her. and he looks hotter bald than most men look with hair! HA!
2. Matt has amazing friends (so do i, but i don’t have cancer). i’m seriously impressed with the maturity, sensitivity, intentionality, and loyalty of the men (and women) who love him. thank you.
3. i don’t know how to let people help us- and i mean that in the literal sense- there really is so little i can let people do! my girls are getting the maximum amount of babysitting they can take without feeling abandoned by me, so i can’t really accept any of the 100’s of generous offers for child care. i still have time and desire to cook and clean my house (no choice there- we are selling our home and have showings almost daily), so i don’t really need meals or help with housework. and matt can’t really eat much, so it might just be overkill to have them anyway. there are times when i have asked for help with things not relating directly to me, matt or my kids and i have not received the help i sought. so i don’t really know what to think. i do ask when i need it and sometimes it’s easier to do it myself.
i guess what i’m afraid of is that i’m not letting our friends love us, but i don’t know what i should be doing differently.
4. i’m completely okay with saying “i am fine” when asked “how are you?” there is, of course, more to how i’m doing, but i really am okay. not to play Pollyanna, but i can see the bright side of what we’re dealing with here. matt feels worse than i ever could have imagined, but it’s the treatment that is making him sick, not the cancer. the treatment will be over soon, the cancer will be gone (according to all reputable sources), and not every cancer patient has this kind of experience. many people are receiving treatment in hope of shrinking their cancer and prolonging their life: we have never heard those words in regard to matt’s disease. i don’t have to sit by my husband and watch him be miserable and know that he may not get better- that would be excruciating and i would not be able to handle it. but he is being healed- i can handle that.
i’m not sure i have said everything i wanted to say. i’m pretty sure i’m not being an inspiration or gaining any incredible wisdom to share with all of you from this experience. i hear that a lot- “go read _____’s blog- she’s such an inspiration!” i don’t know that i’m interested in that. i do care about communicating with those that love us, so that’s what this is….
thanks for loving us- we love you, too.

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