I just got a nice email from an old friend and I just found myself (this is actually Matt writing) telling him I was tired.  I could tell you about side – effects.  We could speak of the cumulative effects that make this week harder than it might be on paper (a “non-intense week” is how we have been referring to it when I only get treatment on Tuesdays for an hour).  The reality is that we are tired.

It doesn’t help that we are trying to sell our house.  But, sometimes it makes our days simpler – when we have a showing we have a couple of things we do.  
I am still in wonder of the fact that Rachel deals with my side – effects as though she had them.  I mean, she doesn’t feel sick but she is so emotionally affected.  I told her today that it would be simpler if she didn’t love me.  I haven’t read (except for school – which I am passing…  and only passing) in a month.  I don’t enjoy TV.  Rachel mowed the lawn today.  
We can do this.  One more Tuesday and then about a month of recovery.  But we are tired.  We think some about how we would respond to friends in the future after having gone through this season.  you can ask us about that some other time, we have some tentative conclusions.  Which is slightly ironic because intentionality seems to be a common thread with those who love us well.  
Thank you again for your help, for meals, for phone calls and facebooks.  Thank you more for your prayers.  We are tired but we are okay.  

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