Ah-Da (Julia, "All done")

Today was my last day of Chemotherapy. The doctor is very confident that this is it. Rachel is even more confident. Last week some people were asking me how they can help her, and I just kept thinking, ‘She just needs Chemo to be over… Can you make it next Tuesday?’ Well, Tuesday is here, I had treatment this morning at 10:00, and we’re all downhill.

I played basketball last night and it continues to be a nice gift. Although my friend Matt got slapped in the face and headbutted… But, we won and I played effectively (didn’t have to foul anybody to get out of the game like 2 weeks ago).
My girls are so fun to hang out with. We went to the park this evening and they are a lot of fun. Ron even got to Whomp a lab that came running to him (Ron broke out of his leash… you should see him after he gets to whomp a dog, he is so happy…).
Julia is starting to “express” herself a bit more. Which means she scratches and claws when not being heard. Caroline is listening better (and worse), and becoming far more interesting.
I should say something REALLY inspiring, but we are just so glad to be done. I wonder if we have been inspiring to any of the nurses or doctors. I kind of doubt it. Apparently my chemo is pretty rigorous and they usually just felt sorry for me.
I will continue to do school this summer. My next CAT scan is in November or December (remember I had one after surgery and they couldn’t see the cancer then). My next meeting with the doc will be at the end of August. My overall recovery should take about a month – including hair.
Thank you for your prayers, notes, meals, thoughts, etc.

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