Parade of kids

It is 8:38 as I write this blog. I am drinking my second cup of coffee, my girls are watching “Sleeping Beauty” and eating cereal with me (and eating gummy vitamins and drinking juice).

If my head wasn’t cold I think I would feel the same as I did in the Spring.
There are still random side effects. If my stomach has nothing in it I feel slightly sick. However, ‘slightly sick’ is nothing compared to… Well, you know. The ringing in my ears has gone down a lot. I think my energy is increasing. I can’t drink carbonated drinks quickly, but they are tasting better.
Last week we saw some of Rachel’s family, and this week and in two weeks we are seeing my family. It is hilarious, because the visits are seemingly about me – but they are really just family coming together and always end up being a lot about our kids. I kind of expect the time to be about me, but I don’t think I really want it to be. If I am honest I feel disappointed, then relieved. I think this week will be like that. I love my family and it will be fun, but most of my energy will be put towards my girls and that is like the side effects going away – the world is returning to ‘normal’. In this case ‘normal’ means “without cancer”.
I owe a lot of people phone calls. I think Tom tops the list. I have to finish a class during this family time. But, I finished a longer systematic theology class during Chemo – surely that was harder!
Anyway, I just wanted to throw an update out there. Many have mentioned wanting to hear from Rachel. I’m sure she will post again when she has the energy! We’re beginning to think about what we learned, but in a lot of ways we’re holding off those thoughts until 2010 (or later). If we ever land on anything we will let you know. For now we are glad that the ‘treatments’ are over.
I was looking for a new picture of Julia scratching the crap out of my hairless head, but it doesn’t appear to be on the computer yet. She is very randomly violent… Maybe I will can find it later and post it. She looks happy and I look like there are ten wasps on my head.

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