This picture is posted in honor of Simon, who does love our girls a lot. They mostly love him đŸ™‚

How do we play well? For me it simply means looking at my girls when I am with them, listening to them when they talk, and trying to not think about work, my next meeting, or what I’m going to do when they are napping. I want to be a father who plays well. So, in the Spirit of that I let Caroline play in this fountain for 30 minutes yesterday as we were leaving the zoo. I had to take her down after she wouldn’t stop splashing Tyler. I’m pretty sure Tyler would not have been allowed on the fountain, except that his dad didn’t know how to equitably say “no” when a 3 year old girl was on top of this fountain. I don’t know if you can tell, but it is about four feet high.

The result: Caroline became very wet. The reason that is okay: she might have already been wet.

My brother said keep a running list of questions, Anna said post pictures, Simon whined that he got cut out (or, I made Julia the center of the picture…). I suppose I am trying to keep everyone happy. I do like blogging. If you follow me on Twitter/FB you would also see that I am finally happy with the thickness of my hair…

Enough. As my favorite professor used to say, “Have a good weekend, and a good Lord’s Day.” Even if you don’t think he was LORD, it is still cool that for absolutely no astronomical reason we observe a 7 day week. Must be some other compelling reason. At any rate, have a good weekend.

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