Steak N Shake Date

So, I liked Steak N Shake a lot in college and I don’t know why.

But, I took my daughters the other day and they loved it as far as I could tell.

I like the idea of my blog, but don’t know how to proceed. First it was a random thoughts blog. Then, it was co-authored by my wife as we sought to inform people about my sickness (which is over by the way).

What do we do now?



3 responses to “Steak N Shake Date

  1. I'm struck by the irony that you have a huge passion for sabbath, so much so that it is a common theme on this blog… the use/abuse of which is commonly in conflict with peace/sabbath. I'd love to continue read, among the other suggestions and ideas you have, the wrestling you do with keeping sabbath and resting in general. I've greatly appreciated your perspective so far, as it is something I am particularly weak in.Those are my two cents.

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