I didn’t realize I was weird about hair

So, I have to run an Art Gallery in four minutes, but I have been meaning to blog.

I will list for brevity and clarity.

1. My facial hair is thinning. Meaning: there are spots on my chin and mustache that just don’t have hair anymore… it grew back, then it decided it wasn’t worth the effort apparently.

2. My hair came back flat, thin, and a bit wavy, maybe even a little darker. I Got used to it, loved not having to do anything to it, found it weird that it didn’t stick up for the first time in 32 years (except for my long hair phase… )

3. Then, I got it cut a few days back and it seems to be back to sticking up again… maybe with a bit less flair (I don’t like to talk about my flair), but it seems to be sticking up again.

4. Hair I could have lost well: ears, nose, chest.

Off to the Gallery, join us for a fun, affordable, and lively show.

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