Julie and Julia

Judge me all you want, but I loved this movie.

It went about 20 minutes longer than my 80’s-styled desire for a 91 minute movie with songs written just for that movie “Fletch is workin’ overtime…. bit by bit…” Julie and Julia was funny, cute, the marriages were very real – there was some real life disappointment, but they didn’t have to dwell on it or pretend it didn’t affect them.

Plus, I rented it for free. that is right: insideredbox.com. Thanks Todd Johnson.

So, I have 3 minutes to finish this blog, but I did want to throw it up there (up here?). Julie and Julia inspired me. I know there are many of you that like my blog (you have pointed this out by sometimes mentioning you don’t like when I write on the church blog… makes me laugh). My goal then, is to write. The sub-goal is for me to learn how I am changed. I was chatting with a friend the other night who was in Iraq, and he was encouraging me to own how I am different post-sickness. This has apparently been a helpful way for him to reflect – I was humbled that he would equate my sickness with war; very humbled. Rachel says it is one of the only things that has happened to me that I am unable to talk about without blanching… Chemotherapy specifically.

This will continue to be a random thoughts blog. I will write about movies, I will try to keep up my old church-correspondence with Bob Dillon, but my underlying post-Julie and Julia goal is to pay attention to how I am different.

As Chandler says to Monica when they realize they will have twins (through adoption), in response to Monica pointing out that he is panicking, “Join me, won’t you!?”

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