Just a couple of quotes

HIghlights from today with my girls.

CKB, “Daddy, you should drink a beer. I will open it for you.” (this is because she found the opener and asked what it was for this morning… this conversation is as I am cooking dinner). She opens the beer. “Now you may drink it.” I complied.

CKB, “Daddy, I would like to wear my summer shirt – the one with butterflies, and flowers, and all of those beautiful things on it.”

CKB, “Daddy, I would like to put on my Fairy Princess Costume so that I will look special for God.”

CKB (after every time I put Julia to bed), “Daddy, I want another little sister.”

The Magic House was also a lot of fun. Julia doesn’t say a ton, but we had a ball today also. She loves Clifford.

Also found out I passed my ordination written tests today. Good feeling, thought I was going to have to sit down I was so relieved. Orals are in April.

As one my my prof’s used to say, “I hope you have a good weekend, and a good Lord’s Day.”

3 responses to “Just a couple of quotes

  1. love the quotes and of course the pictures đŸ™‚ congrats on passing your written tests! what a relief! will be praying for your orals in april!

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