Tomorrow morning I am preaching about Peace.

This is what my outline (currently) says,

I. Intro, “What is your default” (Mine is often Karmic)
-Thrust of the Passage is “How can we stand” (Eph. 6:10-20)
-What is the Good News? For a 1st Century listener?
-Contrast: Our Good News: Groupon and Old Navy
-How do we Stand in light of the Good NEws?
-READ Eph. 6:10-20 (Maybe just through 15)
-Default to fix, control, irreligious, religious, check out, fight, flight, strive, hide? Mine to Karma.
-Illustration of lunch with Julia
-When the Gospel of Peace is not our Default we are missing out on Joy. We are unable to “stand”.

II. WE always need shoes (Text is 6:15)
-I was wishing for cool boots, steel-toed or something…
-Those funky shoes that look like black feet for runners…
-We cannot stand w/o the Living Argument/Power that changes everything forever.
-Jesus and Paul had diff. ways of getting at this.
-What is this peace? Ephesians 2:12-22
-If you are in Christ, you are not far from God. This is great news; unbelievably great (if you have any sense of the holiness of God or your own bentness especially). Why there are different letters, different Gospels, why churches do things. Because it feels like we are far off, but we are not.
-What God says about you is more true than what you think about yourself.
-Paul is saying you need it all the time and you already have it. Pray, “Lord, help me believe this is in a way that removes doubt and anxiety. Confess to others. Tell others. Not in a manipulative way, but because of your deep affection for the Gospel. Your heart is not wicked anymore…
-Potential Illustration of Hank at On Tap

III. We Already Have the Shoes
-What does it look like to have them on? What does it not look like?
-Paul’s Answer is in Ephesians 4:1-3 (or 6).
-READ Eph. 4:1-3
-We Respond, but God is the pursuer. That is why Riverside’s order is Grace, Solitude, Hospitality, and Wisdom.
-Walk, Live, in regards to what you believe.
-Jeremy’s Story as an application to this text.
-Tangent on gentleness. Tough Love can still be gentle.
-READ Ephesians 4:17-24. Isn’t this great news? We can change? WE can grow? We don’t have to be like we were?!?
-Potentially re-read 4:17-24.

IV. Peace from our own sin and others’ sin, Peace Into a great story of joy and real life, Peace for the sake of the world and the ransoming of hearts back to the King. From, Into, For.
-Where is the power? The Magic? IN the Words.
-Upside Down Religion.
-Where is the Power? The Magic? In the Words.

V. Movement is implied by this entire passage.
-True Evangelism
-Francis of Assisi’s Quote (helpful, then not helpful).
-Mom’s Group
-Telling My Family about Jesus
-Praying with a man at Siteman Cancer Center.
-Yesterday I was afraid to talk with my sister. Too risky…

And the dramatic conclusion is????


I typed this because 1.  I wanted to keep thinking about my sermon and 2.  My friend Dave Schroeder told me to blog about whatever.

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