Facebook on your birthday

In 1996 I had a bag phone.

My email address was either blzrscool@aol.com or c691666@showme.missouri.edu

I lived with 3 guys in a 4 man room at 405 Kentucky, Columbia Missouri, 65201.

I think, on my birthday, I was working at a camp and was able to keep my birthday a secret.  Is it possible to hide your birthday on Facebook?  I wonder how many people do so.

Today I am 34.  My sister, dad, and grandma have all sung to me.  My girls all told me happy birthday and we are going to the pool today, and I have received a number of facebook HBDTY’s.  The best part, for me, is that they alternate between kids who have heard me speak, friends from high school, a teacher from junior high, and fraternity brothers.  Hilarious.

Just got a note that said “If you were Jesus, today would be Christmas.”  That’s funny.


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