Potential Blogs

Movies I Have seen that are worth blogging about: Transformers, XMen, Another Year, Midnight in Paris.

Book I am reading that might be the best book ever to model illustrations for preaching the Gospel: the Big Book of Basketball by Bill Simmons. The man has a superlative explanation for around 100 players. Sadly, with mild irony, I am not exaggerating.

The number of commentaries and resources that have informed my current series on the Psalms. I say this not out of pride, but because it is an incredibly fun to have these resources on my mind – I simply feel equipped. Brueggemann, Longman, Piper, Keller, Kidner, Bergant, Goldingay, Calvin, and Deliztch. Ones I would use if I had unlimited time: Carson, Lewis, Goldingay ;), Chris Wright, George Robertson, Ocha, Luther, and Aquinas.

Thoughts? Discuss…

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