What my new computer is teaching me

I want simplicity, but I will have to work for it.

4 years ago my mom bought me way too much computer for me. The only time I ever over-did it was when I was ripping movies and MAD MEN HD episodes and throwing them on there like they were word docs.

That computer is now my wife’s because my other old computer stopped opening excel, has never let her watch a video, is very very very persnickkety in regards to power, battery, etc. I think she is excited about her new computer (little does she know it has super powers).

Now I have ‘what I want’. And, I am forced to deal with hilarious things like the amount of music I have in my ITUNES library. I mean, aren’t we supposed to have several thousand songs at our disposal? And I could. But, then I would not have much else.

I can run this computer like a desktop or through its ‘Apps’. So, I could download thousands of those. Although, with my phone I don’t (ever) pay for apps. Hear, “Joey doesn’t share food”. I have a lot of files. I read a lot of articles online, listen to podcasts (not really… I just download them). The Air forces me to think about what the computer is for – and then use it for that purpose.

So, I am excited. It is nice to have birthday money for this kind of thing (at 34 years old! And my birthday was awhile ago…). I think I will like this computer more than my old one, and really more than any I have had before (I have been going through laptops at about one/3.6 years since 1998). But, part of the reason is that I will have to stop just consuming with this one and use it.

I want less than I used to, but I still have those nagging “If I would buy something, play something, eat something, drink something… then I would be happier!!!” I believe it remarkably less than I used to, but it is still there. I am glad then that I have a computer I cannot hide behind quite as easily as I used to be able to.

Man, is it a cool computer though!

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