Visceral Blogging

I struggle to blog. My wife will tell you I am good at talking myself out of things.

I could write about these movies that I have seen lately: Another Year, HP8 (Because no one has blogged about that yet), Captain America (I see a lot of movies).

Played the Board Game Battlestar Galactica (Frakin’ toasters), and now Rachel and I are just into Season 2. I was hoping for Firefly Story with Mad Men Dialogue. We are getting good plotlines and shallow writing.

Some friends who I haven’t seen in awhile mentioned the blog and enjoying it. I could write about the books I’m working through. Negativity – especially Christian to Christian – seems unnecessary from this assistant pastor, but I don’t know that I have negative thoughts anyway. My boss blogs.

I appreciate NT Wright’s book on Hope.  Andrew Murray’s book on prayer is the closest thing to a devotional I have.  Dr. Collins’ book on Adam and Eve is good, but I struggle to remember the importance because most of the people at my church are not passionate about this nuanced difference amongst Creation Theology.  I love Coffee.  I also love beer.  And fountain pens.

The Mystery of Marriage is blowing me away.  Can one make marriage idolatrous?  I am in danger of it I think.  Can one expect too much?  Can the beauty of language, sacrament, mystery, and theology lead me to a mountain that I simply fall off of when I walk in the door at home?

My Wife’s blog is worth following.

Thoughts?  Discuss…

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