Friday is my day off.  I try to not work.  I try to only read enjoyable literature.  I try to reflect on my kids, even as I parent them.

We went to the zoo and it was good.  Julia won two arguments with me about where animals were.  I distinctly remember this with Caroline – me always knowing best until we learned that we had better listen to her.  We were post-birds and pre-Giraffes and Julia turned right.  Shocking.  I told her where the giraffes were, she told me they were the other way.  I am 34.  She is 3.  We bickered for 5 minutes.  Which is significant for a number of reasons: 1.  She didn’t run away during our argument (or cry).  2.  When I looked above her (she is short) there they were.

Then, we received a very nice gift.  This happens when you visit the zoo often.  We go probably 15-20 times/year.

The baby giraffe was sitting down.  The ostrich was squawking at us, it.  Then it bit the baby giraffe in those little horn things giraffes have.  The giraffe ambled up, and kicked the ostrich square in the torso.  There were 25 of us watching.  It was awesome.  Caroline and I re-hashed it 10 times.  Julia tried to climb in.  She got past the rails, but not over the wall.

Julia’s second winning argument was about the whereabouts of the Jaguar.  To be fair to me, she was saying Tiger.  To be fair to her – the Jaguar was awake and if I had ignored her we might not have seen it.  We discussed spots and stripes.

Our other nice moment was 20 straight minutes looking at a wounded (or very tired) butterfly.  No kidding.  20 minutes.  Have you met my kids?  They didn’t touch either – just looked, oooohhed, pushed each other for position.

It was a good trip.  We played on the turtles (we almost always do).

I pray to love my daughters well.  A good Sabbath will help.

Side-note: While this is not the video of what we say (our giraffe did better), isn’t this the STL zoo?

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