Love does not boast

This is the screen shot of what I got from Google Images when I typed in ‘boast’.

I’m preaching this Sunday on Love does not Boast and I wonder why you think Paul said that.

His story certainly informs the Gospel as not ‘just Heaven’, but also the Gospel that changes a man from a violent, up and comer who was prone to celebrity and certainly boasting – into a man who says to a church – love does not boast.  And, in other places – I will only boast in Christ, and Him crucified.

But, I digress…  why do you think people boast?

I think: 1.  Fear (so, boasting doesn’t deliver there) and 2.  Desire for Applause (So, it does deliver here, but not with the depth of ‘delivery’ our hearts need).

What do you think?

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