Yesterday I went to the local bookstore and browsed for awhile.

Do I like books or the idea of books?

I found myself talking to the clerk about Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time.  I have been reading that series since 1996 and was excited to hear another one is coming out in October.  A good friend and I were talking about the book/graphic novel I am Legend.  She started being difficult so I threatened to tell her the ending.  🙂  The trippiest thing about reading that book was that I didn’t know it ended (it was in a compilation) so when the doll started stabbing the girl I was so confused.  🙂

On my shelf at work are: Mudhouse Sabbath, 3 Philosophies of Life, Christianity for Modern Pagans, With Christ in the School of Prayer, and Surprised by Hope.  I am in the middle of all of them – literally, more than 100 pages in, more than 100 to go…

On the Kindle App: Abba’s Child (halfway through and read it before), King’s Cross (Halfway – almost exactly).

Next to my bed is Libra

When it comes out I would really like to read John Eldredge’s new book.

Short Stories are my favorite genre and I am reading exactly zero of those right now.  Joyce Carol Oates was recently suggested.

I just purchased Infinite Jest because I want to believe I am smart enough to read David Foster Wallace.  And, I need another book that will take me a long time to get through.  Les Miserables took me two years (while in college), and Underworld (not the vampires…  Delillo again) took about 6 months.  Which would have been 2 years if I had been in school.

I have read everything (literally) by my favorite author, Andre Dubus.  I think I have read all of Raymond Carver‘s stories (although I haven’t seen the W Farell movie yet), and even read the longer versions thanks to my local library.

Just finished The Mystery of Marriage by Mike Mason.  It was amazing, and funny, realistic about marriage but always speaking of it sacramentally.  I am not yet better at being married though.

In my bag is Life Together by Bonhoeffer.  104/120 there – so almost home.

I love books, but I rarely read for over 20-30 minutes at a time.  Jonathan Franzen is an exception there – his books are hard for me to put down.  Haven’t read 27th city yet, but it is on the shelf.

I love books.  But, I might love the idea of them more than the actual books…

One response to “Books

  1. So … I finished “I Am Legend,” then watched the film again. (side note: we are going to spend at least half of class tonight deconstructing the opening scene. so much is there…) I can’t decide what that final statement signifies, but my thoughts are that the book’s discussion of superstition (totally absent, as far as I can tell, in the movie) is important.

    If you’re hanging around the office again Wednesday, I’m pumped to hear your read of it … now that you can’t spoil the end. I promise not to lapse into a lengthy treatise on the impending, greed-saturated, geography-be-damned, demise of college football. 🙂

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