Strawberry Applesauce

I spoke last week at a College Thing I love doing called the Source.

They are talking about the Great Commission, and I wanted to try to encourage them about the mundane beauty of God’s other commands (which are, incidentally, referenced in the Great Commission.

Right before I left to go speak I went on a very short walk with Caroline and Julia.

It was short for two reasons: one, we started at 7:04PM and their bedtime is around 7:15.  Two, right after Caroline told me the sky looked like Strawberry Applesause (you can judge), Julia ate a leaf and then threw it up.  Then made herself throw up the rest of her popsicle.  Then she was fine.

I desperately need God to save me from death – through his Son Jesus as a propitiation for my sins.  I also need the passion and excitement of the Great Commission – GO!  And, I need a savior who also walks with me moment by moment.  When we eat leaves and actually pay attention to a sunset.

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