Sabbath Blog

I have been chewing a lot on the Sabbath for years – how to do it, when is it, how to not do it.  There are a few certainties, and one of them is that we should be with our family.  Maybe not all of them (or even most of them…  or even many of them), but if and when we can this is a commandment towards families.

My wife has been out of town since Wednesday as far as the girls are concerned, and so far we are doing great.  No real progress on Potty Training, but as my wise mother said – Julia might not be ready yet.  Which would really be fine.

We are about to head out to Powder Valley and see if the girls like it.  But, we will likely end up at the Bird Sanctuary after that – both of them have asked to go again (3 times, I think it is partially a strange hooting coping mechanism for while Mom is gone).  I love my girls – they are loving, beautiful, different, hilarious, and they love me. Off to see owls…  By the way, every picture (except the first) was taken by Caroline 🙂

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