My Book on How to be a Pastor

Year 3 of ordained whatever ness.

Here’s what I’ve got:

1.  You don’t need more information.

2.  You’re not crazy.

3.  If the story of Jesus’ pursuit and love for you and the world humbles you then we have somewhere to go…

Slightly Longer:

1.  We rarely need more information to cope/grow/forgive/conflict well, etc.  At least, in regards to the situation we are discussing.  Rarely, if ever..  I forget this, but when I remember it I am a better listener, a better friend, a better pastor. Even when we do need more info, it is just supplemental.

2.  We need to hear we are not crazy when we are in crisis.  Oftentimes when I am fully present I notice that that is all someone needs me to say (especially at the outset).  Oftentimes I notice that that is the entire reason I am calling someone – to hear that I am not crazy.  Sometimes we can commiserate too much, sometimes too little – but the point is the same.  Oftentimes humans simply need to hear that they are not crazy.

3.  If Jesus is who He says He is than my bottom line is humility before Him.  When I am there – the rest isn’t nearly as complicated and often takes on a beauty I would never have imagined.  When others are there and come to me for counseling it is beautiful and easy.  When I am not there the best a friend can do is listen, or if they are a good friend or blessed with good words in the moment – they can talk me down off a ledge called: not humble in light of Jesus and His Narrative.

1.  I don’t need more information to be okay.

2.  I’m not crazy.

3.  If I am humbled by the love and relentless pursuit of Jesus…  well, then the rest is gravy.  Theologically speaking of course.


1.  You probably don’t need it that much either.

2.  You’re not crazy – that was a lot, that was hard, wow…  I’m sorry about that.  You’re not crazy.

3.  You are a Son of the King if you are humble before Him.  You are a daughter of the King.  If you’re not there I’m not your guy.  Maybe a life coach (I know a great one.  Seriously).

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