What I Regret

As I revisit my mentoring blog series, I am on to my second Grandpa: Geeps.  My Dad’s dad.  James Norwood Blazer, Senior.  I wrote a lot, I could revise it; I could easily write more.

My regret is not learning his hobby from him: refinishing furniture.  I learned a lot about being a good man from him; I still long for more of his heart and story.  I look forward to seeing him in the New Heavens and New Earth (where I assume he will have hair).

It should be said: I don’t have a lot of regrets.  I have made a lot of mistakes, but most of them were not based on bad motives – they were just me not being mature and I grew from them.  I regret not learning about planes, wood, leather, sanding from Geeps.  It would have been good for my young male heart.

Have any similar regrets?

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