Take that Chip Off of Your Shoulder! (Mentor: Dad)

My dad once sent a piece of wood to a guy in the mail with the note, “I took this off of my shoulder years ago.  Your turn.”

I thought that that was money.  Wow.  Awesome.  Funny and incisive…  or something.  As I get older, less cynical, and have more time with people under my belt I have no idea what I think of this interaction!  No idea.  What do you think of it?

But, it reminds me that I am often told I pursue people well.  If that is true, a big part of the reason is that my dad instinctively pursues.  He doesn’t wait (sometimes not awesome), he doesn’t ask others for help in it (potentially imperfect), but he does pursue.  I am (mostly) thankful for this instinct in me 🙂

What did your dad teach you?  Or mentor you into?

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