Limitless and Groundhog Day

I watched Limitless last night from 10:40-12:20.  It was a good story.  Their use of Deniro reminded me of how “The Town” didn’t use of Jon Hamm well; limitless didn’t use Deniro except his imposing voice and mannerisms.  And, he looks really short next to Bradley Cooper.

What would you do with Limitless-ness?  Politics?  Business?  Celebrity?  Cooper flirts with all 3.

A less Grandiose finish equals a more grandiose story in truth.  Groundhog Day is better.  I won’t spoil the movie, but the end of Limitless was remarkably scarier than any of its content up until that point.  That is cool now that I think about it.  But, Groundhog Day ended with a redemption level often missed in movies that are as enjoyable scene to scene as it is.

Both movies beg for a brilliant ending and Groundhog Day has it.  How?  Giving Phil his ordinary life back – except with a perspective that leads him to appreciate it.  When – after seemingly eternity, where he learned a lot (compare Phil at the end of GHD with Bradley Cooper in this scene – near the end of Limitless: Deniro’s viscerally brilliant speech to Cooper about what he needs to learn, and how he hasn’t earned the right to be as awesome as he is).  Cooper knew everything and had learned nothing.  That is more terrifying than a terrorist.  There is a terrorist in Limitless.  He is laughable compared with Cooper.

Maybe that is what I am searching for: the human difference and overlap between knowledge, power, learning, and wisdom.  All in one blog post 🙂  Or, I am simply putting it out there that I love how movies frame and re-frame these questions for me.

I don’t love my limits most days (hence the coffee), but they are a gift.  Wisdom is one also – learned better from the Groundhog than using 100% of my brain.

Thoughts?  Discuss…

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