BLAM. You are Fixed. 4th Lesson.

I have learned a lot.  In School, as a now-ordained pastor, as a non-ordained Youth ‘guy’, playbing basketball, buying lawnmowers.  I blogged about the 3 I have learned in the last 3.  I’m struggling to put my finger on it.

The quote (for this situation) is from Real Genius, “Uh, always…  no; never, forget to check your references.”

What have you learned this year?  I know we are supposed to make resolutions and such (and I have a good one that I will not be blogging about), but what have we learned from this year?

One thing I have learned is that we are often angry, and the largest part of the problem is our assumption that the object of our anger is  mature.  I’m not calling ‘them’ immature, I am just saying that conflicts escalate remarkably when there is an air of assumed similarities, maturities, etc.  When we see our limits, sins, and immaturities for what they are our potential for a good conversation and for growth go up a lot.

Consider yourself fixed.

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