Mercy to the Sick

Jesus rebuked sickness, and I wish I could.

Today I went to visit an old friend who is sick and to pray with his family.

The view from the waiting room was the same one I had following my second surgery at this hospital 3 years ago.

I was unprepared.

I remember seeing my mom take my two girls to this playground.  Same view of the playground today.

The consolation and hope, in Jesus, are the same for my friend and for my own anxious heart.  It is that Jesus has begun his redemption of all things, it is that in Him there is no eternal death but eternal life.  On a human level Jesus hated sickness – this encourages me.  He promises to heal.  His eternal healing matters to my head, but the human fact that sickness bothered Jesus really helps me in this moment.

I preached a few weeks ago on the role of the church, the role of Jesus, in providing mercy to the sick.  I was more firm in my application that usual.  Do less (those who you love know they can ask you anything, so you don’t have to offer), absorb more (sit, don’t talk too much, don’t offer platitudes, don’t say it isn’t a big deal because it is, even in light of Heaven and the NEw Heavens and the New Earth, sickness is still ugly and evil), pray always (internally, out loud, in your prayer closet, in your spiritual community, with elders), and remember our sickness that Christ healed (which reminds us that He will Renew the Creation and Resurrect His People.).

It is hard to do those things.

It was hard to not offer to do stuff.

It was hard to pray.

It was hard that they ‘liked’ my prayer because I would much rather pray something annoying or boring and see God work.  I know His Work is not separate, but still.

It is hard to sit there.  I know its good, I just preached on it!  But, it is still hard.


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