You Can Pray the Wrong Way

I doubt many people are offended when they read Jesus’ instruction regarding prayer (Matthew 6, Luke 11), or when we see Him pray (John 17, Luke 22).

We make agreements about prayer to keep us praying as our frustration grows.

Prayer defeaters: things that get in the way of prayer and we don’t realize that they are there, or they aren’t so much bad as a distraction to the deep peace, intimacy, and sense of mission we receive from prayer Jesus’ way.

“Can’t I just pray anywhere?”  Jesus says no.

“Isn’t prayer just talking to God?”  Jesus says no.

“If God knows everything why would I pray?”  Jesus expresses confusion at the wording of this question. 🙂

“Isn’t prayer just about changing me?”  Jesus says no.

“If Prayer doesn’t work.”  Jesus, “You might be doing it wrong.  And, you should definitely be persistent.”  Image

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