Lent(en) Devotionals

ImageEvery year I plan to read devotionally for lent.  Some years i do better than others.

If you have the Bible App (Holy Bible) from Word Press, there are several good options for reading this Lenten season if you want them.

When you open the App, there is a button on the bottom left “Prepare for Easter”.


Then, you can pick one of their 4 Devotions.  Lent for everyone is by one of the foremost New Testament Scholars alive, who is also passionate about the accessibility of the Bible.  I picked 40 Days of Lent for a variety of reasons.

There are other options out there, but I wanted to mention four.

And lastly, if you fast from anything, don’t tell anyone 🙂  And, if you do one of these devotionals, resist the urge to “Share” it.  Image


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