Why do we give our Kid’s Leaders the hardest Bible Texts?



A few weeks ago my job description changed to include the kid’s ministry on Sunday mornings, and it has been a sharp learning curve!

This Sunday our kids will be looking at a very cool and very difficult-for-2013-ears story: Achan’s sin.

I am thrilled that our curriculum locates the story well in God’s plan.  While the penalty for sin is death, and many people in this story die, we are blessed to know that Jesus paid that price for us.  I am doubly thrilled that we have curriculum that also doesn’t shy away from reminding us that the penalty is death.

One way of summing up the Good News of God is that the penalty is death.  God, in his great mercy, saved us from that in Jesus (those He calls, who trust Him with their hearts and decisions).  God then offers us new life in Him and this is Grace (the thing we didn’t earn).

I think our culture receives the grace part well – free, generous gift from God.  Cool.  This is unique too, I’m not sure that people were as as good at receiving 50-60 years ago.  But, in 2013 we are uncomfortable with the gap between the world as we know it, and the world God originally made.

Shying away from texts like this will lead us to forget God’s holiness.  And, sadly, if we do that then the gift of Jesus’ grace all but disappears.


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