First Sunday All Over Again

The first Sunday I ever preached a sermon, in a church, on a Sunday morning was July 4th, 2004.  I remember the text, title, how I felt about it, about how long it was, and I still have a tape of it somewhere.  🙂  I wonder how many first sermons are on Psalm 137.  

The first time I spoke in front of group about the Gospel of Jesus I was 17.  In December, I was voted in to the Lead Pastor at Covenant Pres here in Simsbury, the Barn.  Heavy.  That was the first time a sermon of mine was ever voted on.  In January, I began a series on Philiippians as the lead pastor here.  First as lead, first in that series.  

This past Sunday was my first sermon outside, in our beautiful outdoor worship space (now with seat cushions).  


Not only was it beautiful, but it felt like my first Sunday all over again.  Beautiful space, wind through the trees, incredible worship, and I was and am convicted by the Word.  I listened to my sermon this morning – laughed a bit (there was a great church-testimony joke in there), remembered my need for repentance in the restaurant two weeks ago, and am encouraged by the hope we have in Jesus.  Love is possible, it is elusive, but by the grace of Jesus we will be inexorably grown in it – because his grace is that powerful.  

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