A Humbling Parchment and New Member Sunday

When I walk up the stairs into the Hayloft for the 9:00 service, I’m humbled by this document.  It is the charter for Covenant Presbyterian Chphotourch.  Sundays when Carol and Harvey usher are especially delightful, since their names are on the charter.

This week a number of new folks are joining CPC, and I was honored to lead the class for them, alongside Rick and Lynne Schoenhardt.  I’m more honored that they shared their stories of God’s pursuit of them and their families.  It is one of the best parts of my ‘job: hearing the stories of God’s pursuit of men and women, and how the church already blesses these families.

If you attend the 9:00 service at CPC, I hope you stick around to welcome our new members at the 10:30.

PS – my family is joining, so that is pretty awesome too.

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