The book you might consider reading. Maybe. If you want.

I like Twitter.  But sometimes the promotions get tedious.  Then there are re-tweets.  A few days ago it seemed that a newer celebrity pastor got his first book published.  I’m glad for him, I follow him on Twitter, I’m glad his friends, the other mega-church folk are supporting him…  supporting each other…  supporting the mass-marketing brands and platforms of their particular…  I should stop.  🙂    Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 2.01.17 PM

But, if you want to know what book I think you should pick up it is this one.  Bad sentence, but enough nuance to effectively remove arrogance?  I do not know what book (if any) anyone should read.  To do so means I know them so well, I know which assumptions and argument will help them hear, believe, and believe in their bones the Gospel of Jesus.  Neverthless, buy this book.  🙂

I do not struggle the way Spurgeon did.   But Dr. Eswine writes about emotions and the Gospel with grace and clarity.  Grace modeled.  Grace explained.  Grace in the midst of a terrible burden/disease/struggle/hardship.  You have friends who suffer – and this will help.  Your emotions will change throughout your life – and this will help.  I am enjoying it.  And, I am not enjoying a lot these days – especially books, blogs, etc.

I purposely titled this blog in an uncool way.  I’m not good at cool blogging anyway!  But it would be ironic if I tried.

And yes, I did work with and for Dr. Eswine.  But doesn’t that encourage you?  That he lives the Gospel he preaches?  That I will continue to read his books even though I can call him and bug him abotu this stuff whenever I want?  I hope it does.  It encourages me.  As do his texts, phone calls, and strange puns and pun-like jokes.  If he ever publishes those I will not blog about it.

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