Yesterday an old friend sent funny cat pictures to make me smile.  I mentioned she should help me a find a version of “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” that compares with her own.  She is the worship leader/director/awesomeness supervisor at Riverside Church.  A few years ago she reintroduced the song to me as a folksy hymn.  Sadly for my two girls, I have been singing it for weeks.  She is a terrific singer, and her husband is an excellent masterer of music, guitar player, harmony singer, and the only man I know who can get his dog to play bass (you have to really listen for it though).  After looking around on the internet she found what I found – there weren’t versions as excellent as the Duke Wilson Band’s.

Mahalia Jackson takes 6 minutes to sing it.  David Crowder is great, but he is intermixing another song, and doesn’t complete the lyrics.  Alan Jackson somehow sings it in 1:45.

So, my friends recorded me a version

.  I have listened to it around 20 times today (now yesterday).  Cried 15 or so of those times.  Good crying.  I listened to it while shaving, and held back the tears then…  seemed dangerous.

We are blessed with more than 1 great church praying for us, holding us up, making us food, praying, and loving us.  We are thankful.

4 responses to “Leaning

  1. This is a precious song and growing up in the Methodist Church, it was a standard for us. The words say it all. And, the Wilsons put their special spin on the old tune. Such an encouraging song. Love you, Blazers!

  2. Hi Matt

    Deborah and I want to bring a meal to your family asap. Let us know when you’re not covered. let is know dietary restrictions or preferences. Y’all are in our prayers.

    Growing up in a very broken home in poverty with a very broken mom I used to sing Leaning on the Everlasting Arms all the time as a boy and it still pops up now and then. It’s a prayerful meditation inspired by a humble soul that the God of the humble hears.

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