Quick Update and a GREAT picture

I am feeling great. Sometime in November I will get a CAT scan, but I had one before Chemo and it didn’t find anything. So… Please know/remember that I am cured. The best and latest study on the kind of cancer I HAD would give me a 1/200 chance of a recurrence, and then they would kill that.

I started work full time at the church last week, so that has been a transition for the family. Caroline is in Pre-School 3 days a week, half days. Julia is awesome, and this is her favorite pass-time when Caroline is at school: interacting with things Caroline would never let her interact with!

We are still trying to sell our current house and finish working on our new house. We got such a good price it will only not make sense if it takes us a year to sell our current house. NEVERTHELESS, we would love for it to sell soon! When the new place is ready we will probably price-to-sell.

I don’t know when Rachel and I will feel like we can close the book/chapter/season of sickness. My hair is growing, but it is very thin. People still ask all the time how we are doing with plenty of cancer-emotion in their voice. We made all of the rounds to see family. Now we want to stop traveling forever… đŸ™‚

I think the blog is about to become ‘just a blog again’. I don’t foresee Rachel writing on it soon, but maybe she plans to and I just don’t know about it. She does have a compelling message about, ‘if recovery equals being back to normal we will never “recover”…’ Which I thought was accurate in more ways than one. She didn’t mean we aren’t healed, just that we will always live with this season/story.



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