So, today is/was my day off and I decided to shoot some baskets at the Rec. Center. As I was working out I decided that I should call my workout B41Y – B for basketball, 41 minutes for about how long I did it (really an hour, but I sat down once and shot about 60 free throws). The Y is for “Why the Hell would you do P90X when you could do B41Y?”, but Rachel says the 90 is for how many days. So: B1Y is my workout; sounds more like a disease…

I enjoyed it. I enjoyed my kids a lot today – they are beautiful and funny and weird.
I sat at the landing of the stairs on the way to the playroom before bed, they threw things at me, I threw them back. It was all pretty fun until Julia threw a stroller. Seriously. No one was injured, but seriously? There were so many things in between the felt blocks and the plastic stroller. Oh well. I guess she threw some large stuffed animals as a warning first.
Rachel and I watched Frozen River. it just reminded me that movies make me a lot more tense than they used to. Redemption is strange in this movie, light enough to make you think it is believable, but as you go the fridge (google “Fridge logic”, apparently it is an industry term) you think, “Nah…. but I liked it”.
Then, I finished Hurt Locker. I don’t know how I felt about it. Mainly because I was talking with an Iraq vet once when some guys asked him if he had seen it. How come people don’t ask me if I have seen this or that movie about people who had cancer? Then ask, “I just wonder what you thought of it and if you thought it was realistic?” His response was light and awesome, “Well, do they just sit around for 90% of the time and then the other 10% is so crazy you can’t even figure out how to talk about it? If that is the movie, seems like it would be boring, but realistic.”
I’m being harsh, but not anecdotally. I am not mad at those guys; no one who hasn’t been knows how to ask but we’re all wondering. But, my friend the veteran (the one whose fault it is that I am reflecting on why/how/where I am different) compared my sickness with his being in Iraq. I don’t really see the parallels. I mean I do, but I don’t. They seem unnecessary.
How am I different? Movies are less important. I still enjoy them. My Valentine’s Day Gift was a card to watch movies, and I am excited – especially for Iron Man II. A Friend said that while I am (was) sick lesser affections would fade. He was correct. They are back; but dim.
Perspective still seems shallow to me. I don’t know that seeing Hurt Locker made me more or less empathetic to my friend. I’m just supposed to be empathetic (right? sympathetic would be if I could relate?).
I was trying to explain to the lady cutting my hair that my hair used to stick up. She said that people’s hair changes every seven years. I let it go. She did a good job. If I had told her about how chemo kills all cells which make new cells fast she might have messed up my now-well-blended sides.

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